Aesthetic Education
Art invites thinking. Responding to art is about constructing and interpreting meaning. This is perfectly obvious to children, whose first response to a work of art is typically either to invent a story about it or guess at what it means. 

Because art is 
multi-layered and complex, 
because it is 
metaphorical and 
ambiguous, it naturally 
invites, and rewards, 
critical and creative thought.

From Discovery to Expression: Making Meaning from 
Works of Art

For Teachers of Grades 3 - 12
3 hours of instruction time
Maximum number of workshop participants: 30

This workshop will introduce classroom teachers 3 -12 to essential ideas and themes of Aesthetic Education.  Based in part on the work of Maxine Green and the Lincoln Center Institute’s model of Aesthetic Education, the workshop focuses on how a work of art can be utilized to extend and deepen the understanding and critical thinking of students.  Participants will be given tools to construct and interpret meaning from various works of art with specific instructional strategies to share with their students. 

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Discovery to Expression
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